Coil Tubes

All coils have copper tubes with staggered tube pattern. 3/8 O.D. tube coils have .016 wall. 1/2 O.D. tube coils have .016 or .020 wall. 5/8 O.D. tube coils have .020 wall with option for .025, .035, and .049 wall. Tubes are mechanically expanded to form an interference fit with fin collars without decreasing tube wall thickness.


Standard fins are .006 die formed plate type aluminum fins. Optional fins are .008, and .010 aluminum and .006 copper. For optional tubing and fin material contact the factory.


All coils have heavy wall copper headers. Steel also available.


Water Coils: Supply and return connections are typically copper or steel MPT, FPT or copper sweat..

Direct Expansion Coils: Suction headers have copper sweat connections. Distributors are brass with removable type orifice.

Condenser Coils: Supply and return connections are typically copper sweat connections.


All coils have 16 gauge galvanized steel casing with 1 flanges typically on the endplates and sideplates. Stainless Steel and Copper casings are available.


All coils are leak tested under water with 450 PSIG dry nitrogen.