Greenheck's New High Turndown Furnace Improves Occupant Comfort
July, 2017

Greenheck's new high turndown furnace is a patent pending tubular-style heat exchanger, offering up to 16:1 seamless turndown per furnace for more precise temperature control. This option is ideal for variable volume applications RV-25_Condenser_Open when decreased airflow causes excessive cycling with lower turndown furnaces.

The high turndown furnace option is available on Greenheck's Model IGX make-up air unit, ERCH dedicated outdoor air unit and RV and RVE rooftop ventilators. The high turndown furnace is ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, and commercial office buildings.

Higher turndown allows for a decreased minimum firing rate and less furnace cycling on part-load days resulting in improved occupant comfort. The high turndown furnace's internal microprocessor includes Greenheck's standard furnace commissioning sequence providing quick, and easy initial unit start-up.

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